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A cute, made in Canada cat swatch ruler for knitting or crochet. 

To use, place the cat ruler vertically over your work, line up the rectangular cut out with your stitches and count the rows within the window. Rotate the ruler, line up the ruler with a row and count how many stitches are in the rectangular window. The number of rows x number of stitches is your gauge.

This ruler is a more compact design with a single rectangular window as opposed to the standard square which makes it easier to fit in your tool pouch or project bag. The design also features a cat silhouette with a cute face and adorable little paws. 

Rulers are available in two different sizes - the typical 4 inch / 10 cm or a smaller 2 inch / 5 cm. Also available in three different colours - black, grey and tabby. All rulers include both metric and imperial measurements.

Makes a purrfect gift for a knitter or crocheter that loves cats!


Material is all Canadian made and from renewable resources (Corn - Bioplastic).

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